About the Blog

The blog is a new way for the Trust to allow its donors to better engage with the work that it does with Samburu communities.

It’s also a way to introduce a new audience to this work, and the complex cultural practice of the Samburu. This blog is part of a non-profit project to raise awareness of the Samburu for their benefit.

Who are the Samburu and what is a manyatta?

The Samburu are a semi-nomadic warrior tribe of Northern Kenya and a manyatta is a Samburu home. To understand parts of the Waso Chapter blog posts, begin with Chapter 1.

About the Waso Chapters

The Chapters are our thank you to our donors for decades of generous support.

We want to share our years of work and experiences with you.

Made up of observations and stories from the lives of Samburu close to us, we want you to understand a little about this incredible way of life.

All names in the Chapters are fictional to protect the identities of their owners.

Who writes the Blog?

Julia Francombe is the founder of the Trust, having spent her entire life living and working amongst the Samburu.

Julia contributes her experiences with the Samburu, her encyclopaedic knowledge of their unique culture and way of life, and her photography and film.

Sacha Kenyon is a photographer who spent time living traditionally with the Samburu. He writes blog, and Julia and Moses edit it.

Sacha approached Julia in 2010 to live with the Samburu. She introduced him on the basis that anything he did would be to their benefit.

All creative content that came out of this has been donated to the Trust and together it is being used to create awareness of the Samburu and Trust projects.

More of Sacha’s work can be seen at www.sachakenyon.com

Moses Lerusion is a Samburu Community Civic representative of L’mooli age group. He is an editor and contributor to the Waso Chapters.

Send us your feedback

Please let us know what you think of the blog. All questions, comments and feedback are welcome. Please send us an email at info@samburutrust.org.