eye camps

CH.32 : 10 Years, 7 eye camps, 507 eyes


We started with a simple goal; to improve the lives of our Samburu neighbours.
In just over 10 years our small and energetic team have returned sight to more than 500 people.


Eye Camps Overview 2014

- Julia Francombe
Very few of us ever stop to think how lucky we are to wake up each morning with our eyes. Watch our children play or see the sunrise.

In Samburuland community life is still very strong and everyone is carefully taken care of. The children lead and care for the blind. When an adult loses their sight – a child loses their childhood.

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Narrapu – A Samburu word for improvement or uplifting.

Project Narrapu represents a holistic and innovative approach to a troubled and remote area of Kenya.

Its aim is to transform the lives of its community in the areas of;

Security – Of property, livelihood, environment and wildlife.

Education – A network of nomadic schools being a highly effective education system for tribal children.

Prosperity – With improved access to clean water for people, livestock and wildlife.

Health – Through better access to health services, and support for health crises and epidemics.

There are many programs in operation by the Trust under the umbrella of Project Narrapu, some are in development and others are stretching successfully into their second or third decades.

This week we’re going to begin a regular look at these programs, beginning with one of our oldest and most life changing, The Trachoma Eradication Program, initiated to combat a debilitating and easily preventable eye infection called Trachoma.