Healthy Communities


Bringing all Samburu to full health.


However hard the Samburu work with us to secure their future, there will always be unexpected disasters in this harsh and unforgiving part of the world.
Our Health program is poised to react when disaster strikes. We can respond quickly to a cholera epidemic, a buffalo attack or a resurgence in trachoma.
We have systems in place, relationships with doctors, nurses and hospitals that allow us to provide a very basic sort of health insurance for the Samburu people. It will never be enough but by deploying it carefully and using it sparingly, we manage to make a big difference in the lives of our Samburu neighbours.


Restoring Eyesight


An easily curable and treatable disease, trachoma can cause blindness if left unattended. Almost half the people living around us at Ol Malo suffered from the disease until we started our interventions.
Now we treat the children with simple antibiotics to make sure they never go blind and operate on the older sufferers to help restore their sight. The antibiotics are cheap and robust; the operations needed are simple and effective and are performed by a Kenyan team.
This program makes an enormous difference but as with all the others, it does not stand alone. We teach hygiene at our schools and Art Workshop, ensuring that trachoma, which is spread by dirty fingers and flies, does not afflict the next generation the way it has generations past.


Waso Chapters – Health
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