Ch. 38: Darting a Tali Bull Elephant

by Julia Francombe


DAY ONE - The first sign of trouble was spotted by children herding goats.  They had seen tracks of a large bull elephant dragging a foot.

 This information passed quickly through the community – the best form of bush telegraph and the report reached the community wildlife scouts.

DAY TWO - Scouts confirm the report of a wounded Bull elephant.

DAY THREE – A KWS vet drives the 6 hrs to get to the area.  The bull is in thick bush and the vet is unable to get close to him.

DAY FOUR – the vet tries again.  Mid morning he is called off to rescue a baby elephant and treat a sick Rhino.  The thick bush makes it difficult to find the Bull elephant on foot – the Ol Malo helicopter with Colin and Andrew on board – years of flying and wildlife experience come to help.

A second report of another wounded Bull is called in.

In less than an one hour Andrew has located both Bull elephants and we have confirmed reports. The first Bull – Tali is in trouble.  The second is wounded but doesn’t look too bad. The decision is made to treat Tali and keep a monitor on the second bull.

The Sheldrick Trust now steps in – Sky vets are unable to help – their vet from Meru is called in.  Its a 9 hour drive.  I met with vehicle in Nanyuki and gave them maps / phone numbers and a full report to date.

Finally on Sunday with both the helicopter and the vet in place the bull is successfully darted and treated. Here are the photos:











DAY FIVE - Warrior scouts track the bull to see how he doing the day after the darting.  The good news is he is looking stronger.  The bad news is there were tracks of two poachers following him.

We have increased security and as of today have four scouts following and camping close to him.  We will keep you updated.

Our warrior scouts along with Mpus Kutuk scouts keep up the great work.

Many thanks to our scouts, and ol Malo, the KWS, David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, and Mpus Kutuk Community Conservancy.

This is a great example of four different organisations working together for one common goal – the protection and future of Kenyas Elephant.


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