Ch. 37: Helping an Elephant

We have some images to share of an incredible operation undertaken recently by our team in cooperation with an expert Kenya Wildlife Service Elephant darting team. Delicate and lifesaving work by our devoted team!

Report from Colin Francombe Ol Malo/Muridjo :

L’Tepes area between Uaso River and Oldonyiro. Approx. 3rd March 2014: 8 shots reported at approx. 1830 and 3 armed moran seen following elephant.

1 elephant wounded and on 20 Mar reported lame on right front leg.

28 Mar KWS vet, Mathew, collected and the elephant was anaesthetised from helicopter. She had gunshot wounds in right front leg, neck and trunk. The wounds were treated and she was given 220cc Betamox LA. She is an old cow and recovering slowly. 

The darting team ready for take off


Our team with the KWS vet and the unconscious Ely


Identifying an old bullet wound


the old wound


getting to work


sleeping soundly


the sharp shooter


countering the dart to wake up the Ely


social media in action


readying the straps to pull our Ely back onto her right side


packing up and getting ready to head out, leaving our Ely to wake

photo 2

The reality is we helped this old female Ely today. There is no telling what tomorrow will bring here, we are doing everything in our power to work with the local communities in partnership with the KWS to help protect these magnificent beasts. Every day is a struggle. We will keep you posted – our scouts are keeping a close eye on her and we are hoping she recovers and can live in a bullet free world once again.

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